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We would like to thank our current Marketplace subscribers for supporting us and providing resources for students with learning disabilities.

Inspiration® IE (Windows or MAC)

i9boxInspiration® is a visual thinking, learning, and writing software for learners from ages 9 to adult. Inspiration is user friendly; both learners and teachers can master its basic operations to develop ideas, write, and create projects quickly and easily. Text is automatically generated as outlines and/or diagrams, simultaneously. Inspiration enhances and accelerates ones ability to better shape, understand, and express what they really want to say. For more information on Inspiration and Kidspiration, click here.


WordQ2BoxWordQ TM is an easy-to-master writing software for Beginning and Proficient writers. It assists with spelling, grammar, punctuation, proofreading and editing so grades and self-confidence lost to mechanical mistakes are recaptured. Writing ability, clarity and independence are effectively enhanced. WordQ's intuitive toolbar anticipates and suggests words to use, provides spoken feedback to help find mistakes, and works with most programs. WordQ reads most digital text including web pages, PDFs and Word documents. For more information on Word Q and Speak Q, click here.


Kurzweil 3000TM is the premier reading, writing and learning software for struggling students, including individuals with dyslexia, learning difficulties, or those learning English Language as a second language. With its highlighted reading of electronic text, learners can quickly improve their reading skills and succeed. For more information...


Reading made easy everywhere
This portable and affordable digital audio book player helps individuals increase their reading speed, comprehension and vocabulary, wherever they go. For more information...

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